Company Profile

MTH is a supplier of parts and components made of lead also in differing alloys for various industrial applications. Our production facility is specially equipped with machinery and equipment for metal cutting, for casting metal and for injection moulding of plastic materials.

Our modern CNC machining centres and cutting lathes are used to produce lathed parts and milled parts for machines, special machines, tool and jig construction, and also produce components in small-series assembly to customer specifications.

Our foundry facility is equipped for all types of casting (chill casting, low-pressure bottom casting, cold forming) in order to produce parts and components for industrial batteries and radiation protection.

MTH also offers special know-how in the injection moulding of plastic materials around series metal parts. Partial and complete injection moulding with plastic materials can be used to generate special functions and produce complicated outer contours.

The MTH production facility has a workforce of about 50 employees at the Halsbrücke site near Dresden.