Radiation Protection

MTH is a leader in material design and fabrication for detectors, shielding walls, special parts, components and hotcells for radiation shielding in medicine, non-destructive testing, X-Ray sources, nuclear and also in the field of high-energy physics. Components made out of lead and tungsten is our speciality. Detector parts and shielding components are carefully designed together with our clients and manufactured in house in Germany, close to Dresden. Projects with very low activity lead, like roman lead or other special treated lead qualities are produced with our experts for extreme back round shielding’s. Device assembly and on site installation are done with our experienced stuff. Lock up systems for nuclear sources are factory-made and sold worldwide. Skills of combining various materials, like leads, tungsten, brass and plastic compounds are fabricated including CNC technology and injection moulding machinery. Equipment for accelerators, beam lines, neutrino research and other experiments are professionally made at MTH site. Shielding against gamma and neutron radiation is done in accordance to the international standards. Vessel tanks and storage containers planed and manufactured in collaboration with Institutes and scientist out of the engineering or experiments. MTH has a long tradition in radiation protection, offering a wealth of engineering and production know-how for all applications where effective radiation protection matters (gamma, neutron, X-ray radiation).

Here the company is a greatly sought-after partner.In the planning and construction of lead-walls, and otherwise lead shields, we can assist you. We can also offer you a painting.

Need it a little finer? Lead wool is ideal for filling gaps and holes.

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